Northern Curb Services specializes in the installation of aesthetically pleasing and maintenance-free decorative concrete curbing to border garden beds, tree rings, golf greens, driveways and more. Northern Curb is continuous, custom contoured, coloured and stamped. It is extruded on-site and hand-finished. Northern Curb is also functional as a mower's edge, eliminating the need for trimming, and providing a stylish and tasteful compliment to your yard.

Our staff is industry-trained in both layout and installation of our product. We can either install it to your specifications or provide you with a recommendation on bed design, project layout, as well as suggestions on curb styles, colours and patterns that will suit your yard.

Our product is engineer tested, assuring you of a long lasting, quality, concrete curb that will not rust like steel, break like plastic, or rot like wood. Special compounds are used and control joints are placed to eliminate cracking in the curb between the joints. Trench compaction is performed where the ground is unstable; and curbing is only installed in weather conducive to proper setting.

Further to our Curb Products we also provide landscaping services. Please see our landscaping section.

For a more detailed explanation on our services, please navigate our site, or contact us to discuss specifics in person.

Northern Curb Services